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'Lufthansa website glitch cost me £700'
A senior manager told me that “for some reason, this request was not actioned, despite several chasers”. He apologises for this and accepts that this isn't sufficient explanation and that it was the airline's mistake. The fare element on each of the …

Program essential for local air service, supporters say
"Now we have a group in Congress who want to do away with Essential Air Service offered amendments on the floor of the House," Nolan said. "They call it devolvement. They don't want any funding coming from those airline tickets or any other source from …
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HSBC job offers link to the world
So if you look at the airline industry, you used to get paper tickets for everything, now everything's done online. … The transition from the airline industry of those kinds of transactions, of going to the counter to almost full self service, has …
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